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I originally became interested in genealogy through my mother, who was trying to find out information about her family. Then a friend of mine, who was working for Broderbund software at the time, gave me a copy of Family Tree Maker for my birthday. I entered what little I knew about my family into the software. Then I checked out their “Family Finder Index” (on a whim) and found myself, my father and several other members of my family. I was astounded! It’s a pretty weird feeling to find yourself on the internet.

Anyway, through that I ended up finding a web site that one of my dad’s cousins created. He had researched my dad’s family all the way back to the 17th century! Thanks, Stephen, for all your hard work.

February 2015: I used to have my family tree on my web site, but have removed it due to maintenance issues. It’s still available on

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